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Inner Opossum

The Opossum is seen by some as a dirty and aggressive rodent.

In reality, however, the Opossum is a lovable soft haired marsupial, that only bares its teeth and hisses when cornered and frightened. If this outer protective mechanism fails, they will play dead until the predator loses interest, then they make their escape!

Sometimes we must play dead in-order to flourish another day!

Blue Resolute

Be resolute in things that matter most and unwavering in the face of adversity; find your inner calm to guide you.


The scarab beetle is often associated with the humble dung beetle, however, it is a diverse species; from the shimmering gold central-American jewel Scarab to the understated brown Christmas beetle Scarab of South Africa. It is an agricultural marvel, used around the world to enrich the soil, allowing ecosystems and crops to flourish.

Our value does not come from how incandescent or muted we may appear, but rather, how we enrich ourselves and our environments to allow us to flourish and grow together as a society.


Ele-pha-nut Funk

When you feel uneasy in your own skin and that queasy green feeling washes over you from remembering anxious moments from the past. An Elephant never forgets, and maybe neither will you, but you are not living in that moment. Smile, breathe, acknowledge, and move past it as best you can.

Don’t trade your authenticity for safety. Don’t let the fear of standing out stifle you. Be Bold!

Cyber- Punk Conscious

Boldly explore your thoughts but do not be bound or burdened by them. We are more than thoughts we create. Keep knowledge from exploration close at hand, while letting it shape you but not define you!

Antelope Solidarity

Antelope carry themselves with grace, elegance, intelligence, and resistance. They are always perceptive of their surroundings. When weak or injured, they rely on the protection of their herd; the stronger members defend the vulnerable when danger is present and work together to outsmart predators. 

Be alert to your surroundings, help others and accept help when needed.

Tropidelica Moth

Once the caterpillar can no longer grow within its current form it builds a cocoon packed with the energy and nutrients needed to make a grand transformation. When the caterpillar re-emerges, only the scars most deeply imprinted on its D.N.A are present in its new form.

We must also shed our perceptions of experience and self in order to grow. Embellish life with the vibrancy of experience and carry  the strength gained by living through, and overcoming, our scars. Being brave and bold we must transition forward without fear; as just like the caterpillar, we will always carry our deepest core as we explore the world anew.

Flossy Double-Feature

Flossy’s life was set as an anxiety-ridden, intergalactic industrial robot. Due to a bug in her recent upgrade she has begun to see the world around her, in all its creative beauty. She yearns for discovery and is slowly venturing further into the unknown, if only in her mind. Flossy has discovered an old copy of Rocky Horror Picture Show in a pile of movies in the factory basement and now lives out the fantasy of joining Magenta and Riff-Raff as they throw off their servitude and return to Transylvania.

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