Why Bippity Bison

Bippity Bison came from a spontaneous thought. I enjoy both its alliteration as well as its juxtaposition. Its sound perfectly represents my style: soft and gentle with bold shapes and rigid forms. I create images with strong lines and colours.

Bison are unwavering creatures with fearless silhouettes of strength.

Bippity is whimsical and undefined, which is an element in my Art to encourage the audience to engage with their imagination.

The Art

On a small island off of the coast of Cambodia, I fell in love with a Millie Marotta colouring book. With time I started scrawling on scraps of paper, forming my own concepts and style. 

My experience with Art not only allowed me to enjoy something new but to realize that it has been following me from an early age. Appreciating small elements of objects such as doorways, hinges, cogs and roofing beams was something I never thought would evolve into my passion. I was and I am still moved by the layers of details, all the little parts that contribute distinctively to a whole.

Follow and share my journey there will be many more dots, lines, shapes and great fun to come!

The Artist

I was born and raised in New Zealand as a free-range child of four, free to explore, create and discover to my heart’s content. My adventure now is a disjointed cycling trip across Asia with my trinkets and art supplies in tow.