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Pink Blind Fox

The foxes cunning and courage is boundless, however it still relies on others. As a young pup it cultivates close family bonds while remaining loyal.  It hones and adapts its senses to its environment, never relying on only one to make judgments.

No matter the extent of our capabilities, there are times we must reach out to others for support; the act of doing so is a sign of self-awareness and strength. Form a family to feed into with your own strengths and draw on in times of need. Use all of your senses to perceive the world around you and guide your judgment.

Teepee Rocket

Use the wisdom gained from your past as your inner compass as you progress forward in exploration of the new and unknown.

Mr. Birdy

At first glance, Mr. Birdy is reserved and stoic, but once a bond is formed his depth of character is revealed.

For some it is not natural to outwardly display their warm, caring nature. They keep it as a treasure, only to be shared with those they deeply connect with. Their loyalty is boundless, and friendship and honor is a blessing.

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